The Best Family Cars To Buy In 2020

Published on 07/08/2020

Looking to buy the perfect family car? We understand choosing a good car that ticks all the boxes for you and your family can be challenging. It’s a significant purchase that not only will impact your children’s safety but their comfort too. But you’ll also want a decent performance vehicle that won’t cost you a  fortune of money. So we’ve narrowed the list down to help you pick out the best car for you and your family.

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The Best Family Cars To Buy In 2020

Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is one of the most high-tech SUV’s out there today. There are so many cool features that not only you will love but your whole family will enjoy too! This is also the ultimate car for a family trip. It’s not only an extremely comfortable car but is also great value for money. The engine provides a lot of power and the steering is awesome.

Volkswagen Atlas

This is a huge winner when it comes to an SUV. Its not only an all-round excellent car but the safety features are considered to be one of the best. The three-row seats make it a great family car. Each row also has its own climate control so kids can control the AC by themselves- so no arguing just a very happy family.

Porsche Cayenne

This is one exciting car, it not only provides ample space but is considered to be one of the most premium SUV’s. The technology in this vehicle is absolutely amazing and the range of luxurious items is so wide that you can easily personalize your snazzy vehicle to suit both you and your family needs.


The BMW X7 is not only sleek and roomy but it offers an excellent driving experience that you will no doubt love. Even if your kids are sitting in the middle or back rows, they will still enjoy the ride. Another SUV with superior features and high-end technology, but doesn’t exactly have the “look” of a family car. Your whole family will love going for rides with this beauty!

Ford Expedition

This awesome car has space for everyone and everything. Whether its a road trip for your family or vacation for you and a couple of friends, no matter their age they will feel more than comfortable wherever they sit in the Ford Expedition. All cars are fitted with driving assistance and automatic brake assistance with pedestrian detection. The only downside that we need to point out is that as it is quite a big car it can be a little difficult to maneuver and park.

Chrysler Pacifica – Minivan

For those looking for the ultimate grand, family-sized car this would be the best choice! With so many amazing features, there are no questions that this car is great value for money. There’s tons of space for all your cargo making it a great option if you’re needing something for family vacations. Both the interior and exterior is of very high quality making it one of the top choices in 2020.

Volvo XC40

This car is considered to be the best compact SUV of 2020. Its one of the very few vehicles that are both fun but functional, and will suit the needs of your whole family. It includes all the standard features but also some good quality high-tech components. The Volvo XC40 not only offers a smooth and enjoyable ride but is spacious for both the driver and the passengers.