The Best Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe While Driving

Published on 07/27/2021

Getting ready to hit the road with your dog? It is so important to keep your beloved pooch safe in the car. Whether you’re just going for a short drive to the park or taking a longer road trip for a weekend getaway, taking basic precautions helps make you and your dog safer. Here are some essential tips on how to keep your dog well protected whilst driving.

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The Best Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe While Driving

Consider A Harness

One of the best ways to keep your pooch restrained during the ride is it get a harness. It’s really not safe for you or your dog to be roaming around the car while you are driving. The last thing you need is to be distracted instead of being focused on the road. There are various different harness options that will ensure your dog is both protected and stable. Regardless of the type or size of your furry friend, consider purchasing a harness, especially for longer trips.

Look Into A Crate

Another great option to keep your dog confined while driving is by keeping them in a crate. This works very well, especially if they tend to get overwhelmed or anxious easily. Dogs tend to get stressed about small things that they are unfamiliar with, and this is no different when driving with them. This is why experts suggest getting a cozy, mobile den that will definitely make them feel safe and comfortable. Just make sure that the crate is large enough to hold their entire body, it’s best if they have the opportunity to snuggle up without any trouble.

Check The Temperature Of The Car

This next tip is super important! Always make sure that the temperature of the car is suitable for your pooch. Just like humans, dogs feel heat and cold too. During the heat of summer, it’s highly recommended that you turn on the air conditioner or slightly leave the windows open. Furthermore, in most places around the world, it is illegal to leave your dog in the car unattended. This applies to both the summer and winter months.

Keep Heads & Paws Inside

Another safety tip to avoid being distracted while driving is to make sure that your dog always keeps their entire body inside the car. Even though dogs love to stick their heads out of the window so they can feel the rush of fresh air, this is actually quite dangerous.  Keep dog’s heads inside the car to prevent them from getting hurt, some of the main causes of injury include, flying debris, heavy wind, and fast-moving cars. Not to mention, an overly excited dog could attempt to jump out of the window.

Pack the Necessities

For people who are generally always on the go with their dogs, then take note of this tip. You should always have several essentials in the trunk of your car. Emergencies can occur at any time, so it’s smart to be prepared! You never just know what you may need at any time of the journey. Experts recommend that you keep things like, their favorite toys,  food bowls, water bowls, treats a jug of fresh drinking water, towels, poop bags,  leash, pet medications, and perhaps even a pet first aid kit.