6 Useful Tips For New Drivers

Published on 01/03/2022

When the first driving lessons are coming, most of the new drivers are not only nervous but also anxious at the same time. Our tips will help you prepare yourself optimally for the practical lessons. If you keep these tips in mind, driving a car will quickly become very easy for you.

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6 Useful Tips For New Drivers

Take Driving Lessons Regularly

One of the most important qualities of safe driving is routine. Only those who drive a car regularly can internalize all traffic rules and special features of the car and road traffic. So try to develop a certain routine in driving school by taking driving lessons regularly. Because, especially at the beginning, what you have learned is quickly lost if you do not put it into practice directly or if there are long breaks between the lessons. However, if you take several driving lessons a week, you are well advised. In this way you can also save costs, as you usually get by with fewer driving hours.

Do Not Let Yourself Be Disturbed

It is quite normal if you make a few mistakes in the first few driving lessons, if you drive a little slower or if you stall the engine from time to time. Remember, all motorists started out like this. If other road users are jostling or honking their horns, you should try to remain calm. Take a deep breath and concentrate fully on your task. Then it usually works much better than if you let yourself be stressed by others and thereby possibly make even more mistakes.


Parking is a major, albeit everyday, challenge for drivers. It is not only learner drivers and novice drivers who are often excited about this task – it is still a headache for many experienced drivers. Parking is usually very easy to implement with just a few clues. Backward parking in particular is the most difficult for most drivers.

Adjust The Seat And Mirrors Properly

In order for you to be as good and safe as possible in traffic, it is particularly important that the driver’s seat and the rear-view mirrors are correctly adjusted. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably and not too cramped. Above all, you have to make sure that you can easily reach the pedals and have a good view of the road. In order to be able to see everything from the rear, of course, the exterior and interior mirrors must also be set correctly.

Don’t Forget To Flash

The indicators are a very significant and useful means of communication in traffic. Many car drivers neglect the blinking in everyday life, but this can not only be annoying, it can also quickly become dangerous. You should therefore always remember this so that the traffic can run safely and smoothly.

Keep An Eye On Traffic Lights As Early As Possible

For the right behavior at traffic lights, it makes sense to register and observe them as early as possible. Many car drivers keep the orange light of the traffic light for an extended green phase and step on the gas again. However, that is not correct. Driving over a glowing orange traffic light is only allowed if you cannot stop in time by braking at the stop line. If you observe the traffic light early enough, you can notice every change in light in good time and thus react quickly.